Advantages Of Modern Airport Parking Management Systems:

German airport authorities introduced Futuristic Automatic Parking System (FAPS) which is successful in airport car parking system where the drivers simply take the ticket and pull the car to the spot and the rest of the things are done through a large robotic fork lift called Ray. Ray picks the car from the left out spot and places it in the free parking space. Customers have to put the car in appropriate spot for easy parking. Once returning after the travel, Ray brings back the car again to the spot and the customer can drive off easily from there without having any problem.
Ray has a special capability to rearrange the cars and place them in the convenient places without much risk. Currently Ray is able to cover only a section of airport car parking area. If it gets succeeded in managing the airport parking system, the capacity of its parking area may increase by 60% which makes airport car parking hassle free. Such a system should be implemented by every airport authorities to manage and reduce the parking problems faced every time.
We can maximize the revenue of airport parking system through e-commerce by providing online booking and automated reservation system. Today’s travelers are adopting technologies that serve them in a better and faster way which meet their expectations and requirements. Highest levels of reliability from travelers can be achieved through efficient and cheap operation in airport car parking. Providing secured parking, e-cars charging and car washing facilities can give additional services to the travelers which can be easily integrated to airport systems.
The key factors that enhance from creative innovations of airport car parking management system are Service, Safety, Security and Profitability. The expectations have been increased in travelers and operators in using modern airport car park system. The priority should be given to regulate the travelers in flow and outflow and the airport car parking.
All the parking management systems are the great challenges to airport authorities. Maximum airports in the world are using Designa Solutions or PM abacus to provide the best services to their travelers with value added airport car parking management like Sydney, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Moscow airports etc. Customers can save their valuable time in airport car parking with pre bookings. Customer have to just select the parking area slot and mention how much time they would like to place the car in the parking area. Charges for the parking can be paid through online using simple user interface. Once the customer reaches airport they can directly come to their booked parking slot and can place the car without having any time taking hurdles in placing and paying at the parking. They can have their journey leisurely and relaxed.
With the advantage of modern airport car parking, substantially less space is consumed. The other advantage is that it gives comfortable way of parking and stops the search for free car parking spaces. This is a user friendly automated car parking system and free from environmental pollution and other gas emissions.