How To Plan A House Move

Effective planning is key to successful house removals. Transporting yourself, your family, and your belongings to a new location can often be the most stressful part of the moving process. Careful planning can often make the situation more manageable.

Plan ahead

If you plan to use a house removals company to assist with your house move, you should start looking for a good company and book them in advance. Find a company that will send a member of staff to visit and assess your belongings before the move, and always ask around and get a few price quotes from different companies so that you can make the most cost effective choice. The more time that you allow yourself to do some research on different moving companies, the less stressful it will be for you and you may be able to save some money. When asking for quotes from international moving companies, always ask for the quote in writing so that you can properly compare all your options.

Have a clear out

Thoroughly clearing your house out of any unwanted belongings can often reduce removal costs as the less items that require moving, the cheaper the price charged by  moving companies. If you are moving abroad, you may find that it is a good idea to sell or get rid of the majority of your belongings and buy new when you arrive to save on international moving costs. Once you have decided which belongings to take with you and which to leave, you should begin to start to plan your packing in advance. Labelling your packaging and boxes will ensure that once you arrive at your new home, the unpacking will be an easier job. Some moving companies may also be able to provide you with packaging items designed for house removals, so remember to enquire about this when getting a quote.

On moving day

The actual day of the move is usually the most stressful of the whole moving process. If you have young children, it is recommended that you leave them with a friend, relative or childminder for the day if they are not at school. If you have pets, it is also advisable to ask somebody to take them for the day so that you can concentrate on moving house. On the day of the move, it is a good idea to create a checklist in order to ensure that you get each task that requires completing done efficiently. Remember to double check that nothing has been left behind, and that all your belongings are packed safely and in the correct boxes. If you have hired a house removals company, you should call them the day before to ensure that everything is still going ahead as planned. Ensure that on the day of the move, there is enough parking space for the house removals company vehicles, and be prepared to tell them where furniture and boxes of belongings should be placed once you arrive at your new home.