How To Survive Your Flight If You Are Deathly Afraid Of Flying?

Each and every one of us have a strong fear of something in this world. You may fear cockroaches or bugs, you may have a fear of deep or dark water, and you may fear flying, heights and some of us even fear cats and dogs. Our fears are part of us but they do not define us. This little bit of fear in our heart is what keeps us from doing stupid things and getting ourselves killed. For example, if we did not fear dying or getting hurt, we would just jump off a steep cliff just for the fun of it with no protection or ropes attached and will surely die. But that being said, it is also inappropriate and insensitive of us to make fun of someone else’s fear no matter how silly they seem to us. So if you are afraid of flying, just like we discussed previously, it does not have to define you and you can take control of it. Read below to see how you can deal with your fear and anxiety of flying.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is beneficial in any situation but it can be especially great to help with your anxiety of flying. You can pack your bags at least two days before your flight and make lists that you can tick as you pack it so you know what you have packed and that all your essentials are in there. Pack a book or two in your carry on if you enjoy reading or even a coloring book. You must also sort out your transport early on if you are not being driven to the airport by a friend or family and can book a silver taxi in Bayswater.

Before you board

After you get to the airport in your silver service taxi, you must only keep your visa and ticket in your hands and the rest can be in your carry on. This will reduce the stress levels as well.

Keep busy

After you finally board the plane, you will have to switch off your phones or put it on flight mode while the flight attendant is giving out instructions. This is when your anxiety levels will be soaring. If you are travelling with someone, you can hold their hand while the plane is taking off but if you are travelling alone, make sure to take a deep breath and tell yourself you are going to make it. You can also play some music on your earphones to distract yourself from the occasional turbulence that occurs during takeoff. Once you are up in the air, you can choose to watch a movie, read the book you packed or even pull out your colouring book and get busy and distract yourself. You won’t even feel your fear!