Planning A Move Abroad

Moving to another country is an exciting and often a once in a lifetime experience for some people. Some people may choose to live abroad for a few years before returning back to their native country, while others may move abroad and carry on living in another country for the rest of their life. International moving costs can be very expensive as often your possessions may need to be moved by air if there is no way of travelling by road to the country that you are relocating to. For this reason, many people who move abroad choose to sell most of their possessions in order start afresh when they arrive at their new home.

Decide what to take
If you will be travelling to the country you are relocating to by means of road travel, you will probably be able to take all or most of your things with you. Many moving companies specialise in long distance and international moving, and how much the house removals company will charge you will usually depend on how many cars, vans or trucks you will need to fill, along with the distance travelled.

If air travel is unavoidable for relocation to your chosen country, you will usually have to part with the majority of your possessions in order to save costs. You can always use the money that you make from selling your large household items to buy new ones when you arrive at your new home. Certain moving companies which offer international moving services will provide storage and ship the items to your new home abroad, so if you cannot part with your sofa or tv, or think that the cost of buying new furniture and household items will cost more, it may be a good idea to hire an international house removals company. Even if you do opt to use an international moving service to ship your items, it is still a good idea to sell or donate any items that are unwanted or unnecessary in order to keep costs as low as possible. In short, only take with you what you really need, as you can always buy other items locally once you have settled in.

Get insured
Wherever possible, choose an international moving company which offers insurance on international house removals and furniture shipping. Your furniture is not designed to be cargo, and is at risk of being damaged on the way. If your items are damaged in transit and they are not insured, you will find yourself being required to pay not only the fee charged by the house removals company but also the cost of buying new items to replace the damaged ones. Ensuring that your items are damaged will protect you from any financial loss in the process of moving abroad. Most moving companies will offer international moving insurance, however, you should always double check as some companies do not. If the international moving service you choose does not offer insurance, many general insurance companies will be able to insure your items against damage in transit.

Choosing A House Removal Company

Moving house is often stressful as well as exciting. Finding a moving company that you can trust to take proper care of your possessions is important when moving house and paramount if you want your house removals process to run as smoothly as possible. You should look for a moving company that is well established, reputable, and has experienced, considerate staff.

How to find a good moving company
Often, recommendations from family members, friends and colleagues is the best way to find a reputable moving company that meets your requirements. House removals companies can also be found in abundance online, so an internet search should also bring up a variety of results for moving companies in your area. Reading online reviews of the company and finding out how previous customers rated their overall experience is often a good way to ensure that the company you choose is one that you can trust to handle your house removals efficiently and without any problems. 

Questions to ask a removal company
● How long has the company been established, and are they able to provide you with references from previous customers?
● What is the level and type of insurance cover that they offer for house removals?
● Do they have a depot or offices that you will be able to visit?
● How long will the move take and how many trucks or vans and members of staff will be needed?
● Are they a member of any removal trade societies or nationally recognised boards?
● How secure will your items be, for example if they will be transported or left in a vehicle overnight?
● If you require international moving services, enquire about the type of transport used to ship your items, and the level of insurance offered.

Choosing a moving company that you have established a good overall impression of is also important. In addition to asking the recommended questions, you should rely on your instincts and common sense to make the right decision. Smartly dressed staff, well maintained vehicles, a willingness to provide you with information, and an overall professional appearance are all signs of a good house efficient Brisbane removalists company.

How much should I expect to pay?
The cost of your house removals service will depend on a number of factors, and you should always arrange a meeting or telephone conversation with a sales advisor from your moving company before the day of the move in order to get a price from them. Factors which affect the cost of house removals include:
● The distance from your old house to the new one;
● How many items need moving and their size, as bigger items and larger amounts of items will require larger or multiple vehicles;
● Your specific requirements, for example the staff packing and unloading your items in addition to transporting it;
● The removal of high value items which require special care;
● The need for an overnight stay if travelling long distance;
● If you are moving at a peak time such as a weekend;
● If you require international moving services.