The Best Types Of Public Transportation That Can Be Used

Driving your own vehicle to work early morning in the midst of the deadly traffic may be the most frustrating driving experience that anyone would have. This is why most countries encourage people to make use of public transportation modes when going to work and coming back from work in order to avoid traffic and save time, along with your temper. If you are not too familiar with the different types of public transportation in order to pick the mode that suits you the most, the below list may be helpful in making that choice when you go to work the next day.


The bus is perhaps the most commonly used and known transportation method to man. Although it may not be the cheapest method, it is still the most affordable and used. The primary reason for this is that buses travel on roads and you are at the advantage of getting down exactly where you want or at least considerably closer to your end destination; this is an advantage that you might not get through methods like trains. Although modes like taxis give you the opportunity of getting down at the exact destination, the prices may not be as affordable for all classes of people.


Quite similar to the bus, metro is also a commonly used method of public transportation. If you are one of the common people that cannot afford chauffeur driven hire cars, this could be a cheap and affordable option for you. However, metro is not a mode of transportation that is available in any country. Most countries have their metro routes underground, making it possible to avoid normal road traffic and get to the required destination on time.


Although this may not be the most affordable method of transport to all, it is one of the most convenient methods. Especially if you have landed in a foreign country and is in need of getting to your hotel, private airport transfers to the hotel can be done through a taxi. The advantage of this mode is that you can get down in front of your location unlike using a bus, metro or a train.


If you are someone who prefers to avoid traffic and get to work on time, while at the same time saving a considerable amount of money on transport, then using the train is the best option. Out of all the modes of transportation discussed here, train was undoubtedly the oldest and the fastest public transportation method known to man. It never gets old, does it?

Which type are you most familiar with?